3 Antworten von Alraune Chowdhury, Head of Global HR Systems and Reporting, TUI Group


   1. Who are you and what drives you?

I am currently Global Head of HR Systems and Reporting at TUI group, where along with my team, I am responsible for implementing a cloud based HR platform across the company. Prior to coming to TUI, I have been driving  various digitization initiatives at international companies such as Booking.com, Nike, Amazon.com, T-Mobile and Wells Fargo  in the U.S.A and Europe, over the last 20 years. I have the unique opportunity to be at the center of the rapid growth of technology, and consider myself as a 'digital founder'. I am driven by the rapid pace of innovation and by the changing nature of work.  I am driven by the human-digital partnership that defines our everyday life and work. I am excited about what this means to organizations and HR.

    2. What does Proud2bHR do for you?

The content of work, ways of working and the experience of the workplace is changing rapidly today. What builds engagement and what drives innnovation is evolving with the evolving digital nature of work and life. With businesses recognizing that people are key to success, HR has a greater impact than ever before. My area of focus being HR transformation through digitization means  designing solutions that focus on employee experience, simplicity and function, while embodying trust, collaboration and network. I am Proud2bHR.

    3. Digitisation forms new job profiles. What job do you think there should be?

The new job profiles will be about human interaction, digitization will take over what’s mundane and transactional. Humans will be in roles that require analyzing, personal iterations and creativity. They will use digital tools to make work easy and work closely with their digital colleagues to do this.  Experimentation and analysis will be the cornerstones of new work profiles. The ability to think about a problem from new perspectives to collaborate effectively will become more important.